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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

In the Platelet Society we know the importance of sticking together. We believe that the best way to tackle platelet-related disease is to bring together the knowledge and experiences of scientists, clinicians, and those who experience these conditons. By building a diverse and inclusive community, we aim to work together to educate, build knowledge and develop life-changing breakthroughs for the benefit of all people.

The Society believes that everybody’s contribution matters, regardless of their identity, background, experiences or beliefs. To do this the Society aims to develop a culture in which everyone feels welcome, heard and free to fully express themselves. We are committed to providing support and platforms for underrepresented groups, and ensuring a diverse range of visible role models are seen in all societal activities.

Our vision is for the platelet society to actively benefit society not just through our scientific acheivements, but also through our work to empower our members to be advocates for equity, diversity and inclusion in all aspects of their lives.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Statements

During 2021 the Platelet Society conducted a survey of its members and held discussions at committee meetings to agree a series of EDI statements for which we could provide positive action. These statements recognise that EDI is a complex and sensitive issue and it is through open conversations that we will acheive progress. These statements are intended as first steps on a journey to ensure we meet our vision as laid out above.

  1. We will seek to ensure that membership of our Executive Committee and Board of Trustees is representative of the membership and inclusive.
  2. A code of conduct for attendees and participants of all Society activities will be published to ensure that our activities and meetings are welcoming and inclusive
  3. We will publish clear procedures for reporting inappropriate behaviour at Society events and activities on our website and include in conference welcome packs, etc.
  4. Through our website, social media platforms and mediums such as Clotchat and the Podcast, we will highlight the research and work of members from across the spectrum of their careers and backgrounds.
  5. Our ECR meetings will include professional development sessions aimed to increase our members skills and experience outside of their research.
  6. We will investigate and implement the recording of talks and conference sessions, and use of our website and platforms such as YouTube, to widen engagement opportunities for our members.
  7. Through the above actions, and the behaviours and conduct of the members, we aim to ensure that the Society is open and inclusive to all scientists regardless of background.

Platelet Society Code of Conduct

A first step in this process is setting out what we expect from members of the Platelet Society. We have produced a code of conduct for all members and this can be read by clicking on the image below. By laying out the expectations of the Society, we hope this allows for a more open and inclusive environment.



Form for Reporting Concerns

Please use the form here for reporting concerns of unacceptable behaviour where you have not been able to speak to a member of the committee or meeting local organising team.



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