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Why Research?

Medical research focusses on investigating the causes on disease with the aim of preventing or providing treatments for disease. Over the last one hundred year there have been dramatic increase in our knowledge of how the human body functions in both health and disease.

This increase has laid the foundation for improving healthcare. However, there is still much to be done. The death rates from common diseases remain unacceptably high.

We now know that blood platelets play important roles in the development of important societal diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease in addition to a plethora of disorders associated with excessive bleeding.

We believe that providing a greater understanding of the platelet functions will allow us to better grasp their roles in these diseases and aid in the search for potential treatments.

We have put together two leaflets and two videos to help explain the work of Society members. Please feel free to use these in oureach and public engagement activities


Platelet Society video

Thrombosis video