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Platelet Society Summer Studentship 2023

We are delighted to announce that our summer studentships for 2023 have been awarded to the following undergraduate students.

Hannah Peters will be working with Professor Ingeborg Hers at the University of Bristol, will be working on a project entitled “Exploring the role of BTK in human platelet function by selectively degrading BT over TEC”.

Ellie Smith will be working with Dr Ingmar Schoen, Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland investigating platelet biology at fridge temperatures.

Freja Steinke will be working with Dr Marilena Cresente at Manchester Metropolitan University on a project entitled investigating the potential for C. albicans infective endocarditis strains to induce immunothrombosis and the resulting consequences on antifungal resistance.

Hannah, Ellie and Freja will spend 8 weeks over the summer gaining laboratory experience in platelet laboratories and hopefully developing their interest in all things platelet!

Project Reports – Read more about each Students time in the lab in their project reports below.

Hannah Peters – Hannah Peters Project report

Freja Steinke – Freja Steinke Project report

Ellie Smith – Ellie Smith Project report