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Declaring and upholding our values

Recent events around the world have brought to the fore discussion of the discrimination and inequalities experienced by many members of our communities.  These communities are not just where we live, but also where we work, socialise and make our contributions, large or small.  As a research society that supports a thriving community of researchers and clinicians, these ongoing conversations have highlighted the need for us to make a clear statement on our commitment to promoting Equity, Diversity and Inclusion within the Platelet Society, and take appropriate action to achieve this.  Platitudes are insufficient.

We need to be able to identify and openly discuss our outlook and views on such issues, and actively take measures to address any shortcomings in our Society, its organisation and management, and in ours events and support of our membership community.  Action is required to discuss our views and expectations of one another, to analyse our performance and then to take measures to ensure that our values lie at the core of our activities to support our membership.  We will take measures to ensure that individuals are welcomed, included and supported regardless of their age, race and ethnicity, sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, class and caste, physical appearance and ability, religious, philosophical or political belief, or career stage.

Where we find inequalities within and outwith the Platelet Society we will take action to end this.  We will explore the long term implications of living with often life-long prejudice to determine whether specific active measures are required to support some members. This will be important to ensure the Platelet Society, and its leadership, better reflects the rich diversity within our universities and research centres.

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