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The Platelet Society is demonstrating our commitment to good fundraising practice.
We have committed to follow the Code of Fundraising Practice and the Fundraising Promise.

It’s important the public knows that we work with the Fundraising Regulator, so that our supporters can feel confident we will be honest, fair and open with them.

The Fundraising Regulator

The Fundraising Regulator, an independent body who set and maintain the standards for charitable fundraising.

The role of the Fundraising Regulator is:

  • To set and promote the standards for fundraising practice in consultation with the public, fundraising stakeholders and legislators.
  • To investigate cases where fundraising practices have led to significant public concern.
  • To adjudicate complaints from the public about fundraising practice, where these cannot be resolved by the charities themselves.
  • To operate a fundraising preference service to enable individuals to manage their contact with charities.
    Where poor fundraising practice is judged to have taken place, recommend best practice guidance and take proportionate remedial action.

You can find out more about the Fundraising Regulator by visiting:

Complaints Procedure

If you’re unhappy with an organisation’s fundraising, you should firstly contact them directly to complain. Once you’ve spoken to them, if you’re still unhappy, you should send your complaint to the Fundraising Regulator.