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The Platelet Society Awards – 2022 Recipients

The Platelet Society is delighted to announce the following recipients of its awards in 2022.

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<strong>The Gustav Born Award</strong>

The Gustav Born Award

The Platelet Society is pleased to announce that the Gustav Born Award for 2022 is presented to Professor Alison Goodall. Alison has contributed significantly to the platelet field over her career and has provided support and mentoring to many scientists and clinicians. Alison was presented with her award by outgoing chair Prof Jon Gibbins on the 23rd September at the Festschrift in her honour. 

You can learn more about Alisons work in this intervew we did we here for our Clot Chat videos


More abou the Gustav Born Award

The Gustav Born Award recognises scientists at advanced stages of their careers.

Gustav ‘Gus’ Born was a pioneer of platelet research and an inspiration to many. You can find out more about his life and work on our Gustav Born page.

Criteria – The Gustav Born Award is given to researchers for their outstanding contribution to research in the field of Platelets, Megakaryocytes, Thrombosis or Haemostasis. Nominees would normally be expected to have been carrying out independent research for more than 10 years and have made significant contributions to the field over their career.

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<strong>The Alison Goodall Early Career Award</strong>

The Alison Goodall Early Career Award

The Alison Goodall Award recognises scientists at earlier stages of their careers. Alison is a Professor of Thrombosis and Haemostasis at the University of Leicester, who has worked for many years on the study of platelet biology in health and disease. Alison is an enthusiastic supporter of Early Career Researchers and has provided mentorship and guidance to many scientists and clinicians over the years. Therefore it is fitting that this award is named in her honour.

The award given to researchers at an early stage of their career who have made a significant advance in our understanding in the field of Platelets, Megakaryocytes, Thrombosis or Haemostasis. This could be via a landmark publication, fellowship, or through education and outreach activities. In the last few years Julie has secured research funding, including a prestigious fellowship from the BHF, for her work, and published several high profile papers.

About Julie

Julie did her PhD in thrombosis and haemostasis at Paris VII university working on VWF and Adamts13 interactions in health and bleeding/thrombotic disorders. She continued with a post doc in the same field before moving to a second post doc in immunohematology focusing on the crosstalk between coagulation and innate/adaptive immunity.

In 2014 Julie moved to the University of Birmingham for a post doc with Steve Watson focusing on platelet functions beyond thrombosis. In 2019 She started a 2 year lectureship during which she secured her BHF intermediate fellowship.

Her current research focus on mechanism of platelet activation in thrombo inflammatory disease with a focus on infection. In particular her lab looks to understand how DAMPS regulate platelet activation and the crosstalk with endothelial and immune cells.

Julie will receive a commemorative plaque and will give a guest lecture at the Platelet Society AGM. You can learn more about Julie and her work in the clot chat episode she recorded with Kirk and Amanda. Click here to watch the interview.

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ECR award 2022 #2
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Alison Goodall
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