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Professor Gus Born

Gustav Born ( 1921 – 2018)

Professor Gustav Born, known as Gus, was an eminent scientist who made important contributions to the study of platelets and haemostasis. Indeed, there isn’t a platelet scientist who hasn’t performed an aggregation experiment during the course of their research, a legacy of the simplicity and importance of the technique he developed.

Here we present a collection of interviews, articles and videos celebrating the life and work of Gus Born.



Photo courtesy of Gayle Halford

Special Review Series

Following Gus’s death in 2018, the Journal Platelets commissioned a special review series to commemorate Gus’s life and work. The articles below are taken from this series and give insights into Gus’s character, motivations and achievements from those who knew him.


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The British Pharmacological Society have a series of videos, hosted on their YouTube channel, that reflect and celebrate on the life and work of Gus. Prof Clive Page and colleagues have digitized two films charting the importance of platelets and key discoveries made by Gus and fellow scientist John Vane.

The second two videos are recordings of interviews with Gus. The first recorded in 2011 by Universität Göttingen talks about his live in Gottingen and his career, whilst the second is an interview with friend and collegue Rod Flower.

The final video is Gus by being interviewed by Harry Kroto and Edward Goldwyn in 2004. This video is hosted by Vega.

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Gus’s good friend, Rod Flower, wrote a moving obituary following his death in 2018. This charts his life and work as well as recording a list of achievement and publications from this very full life.

The Obituary was published in the Biographical memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society and can be read on the Royal Societies website at