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Our PFD Community

Welcome to the Platelet Society Community

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We promote excellence in research, education
and public awareness of platelet biology in human health and disease.

On these pages you can:

  • Find information about the society remit and
  • Find out about the challenges of living with a PFD
  • Read personal stories about fellow PFD sufferers
  • Discover the Clinician’s perspective
  • Read an interview with a patient (this can have an embedded Video if desired)
  • Search the Library of PFD Resources
  • Support the work of the Platelet Society with a donation

The Platelet Society is dedicated to improving the public understanding of platelet biology and their roles in diseases that affect the public. Through our conferences and summer schools we support new and ongoing research into platelet-related diseases.

Members of the Platelet Society are actively engaged in researching all aspects of platelet biology, from how they are made to how they work normally and how they go wrong in disease.

One of the aims of the Platelet Society is to promote the public’s understanding of platelet related diseases. Given the broad range of potential diseases and disorders related to platelet biology, we have provided a number of resources to help highlight what is currently known.

While these resources provide our current understanding of the diseases, many of our members are active research scientists whose work is focussed on understanding the biology of platelets.